Asbestos Rope product is commonly known as the “Miracle Mineral” during the last century for a very good reason, there is truly no other raw material exhibit such a large number of empiric characteristics.Asbestos Rope is widely used in construction of Gaskets or Seals hat fill the gaps between two Adjacent Surfaces. Rope packing are insulation materials that are used to Seal two protected pipes, heaters or Boilers from Fire.

Basic properties of Asbestos rope

Asbestos ropes will not carry an electrical current nor will an electrical current cause the material to rapidly boost in temperatureThese fibres have a higher frictional strength than steel, which state that the cables have a higher pressure threshold before they break.

Asbestos cannot be burned or melted; even at extremely high temperatures up to 2750° C thus fulfil the properties of Non-Flammable Element.  Asbestos is non-reactive to a wide range of alkaline or oxidizing chemicals.

  • Asbestos ropes are normally used in heavy machinery and processing Industries. They can effectively be used in application of with a temperature up to 350 degree Celsius and beyond.
  • Asbestos Ropes are suitable for numerous applications and the industries which have used or are currently using it are extremely diverse, ranging from oil refining to textile manufacturing.
  • These are widely used in construction because of the low cost, although there has been increasing resistance in recent years.
  • Asbestos ropes are not made of 100% asbestos completely. There are three Types of sealing ropes, which are added with other materials to improve their comprehensive properties.
    • Twisted Asbestos Rope
    • Square Asbestos Rope
    • Lagging Asbestos Rope

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