Graphite Rings Manufacturer

Due to its special physical properties graphite is perfectly suited for seals in fittings, pumps and exhaust systems, for example. High temperatures and/or aggressive media pose no problems for graphite rings and/or pure graphite rings supplied by Jain mill stores.

Since the 1990’s we have resolutely continued to further develop our know-how – to perfection. Our unique and extensive inventory of tools is unequalled anywhere on earth, putting us in a position to manufacture and deliver virtually any ring geometry requested by our customers and to do so promptly – in an industrial quality of up to 99% and with a density of between 1.3 and 1.8 g/cm3.

Graphite rings are die formed compressed graphite rings. They are flexible and highly impermeable to gases and liquids. Advantage of graphite rings is long life with no hardening deformations. Installation and removal of graphite rings can be done without danger of damage on the sealing faces. Therefore they can be excellent substitute for some types of metal O-rings.

Graphite rings contains no adhesives or binders and has self lubricating properties and is therefore virtually maintenance free. Due to minimum leakage rates – with certain grades they can meet requirements of TA Luft and “Clean Air” regulations.

Jain Mill Stores offers Graphite Rings which are manufactured using high-grade material imported from the most credible sources. We offer our customers a broad range of Carbon Graphite Rings, which are available in various sizes and specifications. Carbon Graphite Rings are available for mechanical seals. We offer Carbon Graphite Rings in various sizes and designs and with close dimensional tolerance for use as an integral part of mechanical seals.

Our graphite moulded rings represent a major enhancement to the operational capabilities of graphite sealing rings used on valve stems. The rings are precision moulded from high purity expanded graphite foil to which a special low friction coating has been sinter bonded. This 5µm thick coating is sinter bonded to the expanded graphite before the moulding process to ensure maximum service life.

  • Greatly reduces the torque needed for efficient valve action
  • Saves on power consumption and enables smaller actuators to be used
  • Lowers the break-out friction for smoother valve operation
  • Retains exceptionally low friction characteristics for up to 20,000 valve cycles
  • Subsequent manual adjustment extends performance to 60,000 cycles
  • Fire-safe capability enables rings to be used in plant subjected to fire rating tests.

Typical applications are valves that handle dry gases and other fluids, where friction on standard graphite seals is unacceptably high. Valves that suffer judder, hesitation or erratic action due to carbon pick-up or high-spot friction on the spindle.

  • Graphite purity: 98%
  • Ash content: 2%
  • Density range: 1.4 – 1.8 g/cm3/SG
  • Sulphur content: ≤300 ppm
  • Chloride content: ≤25 ppm
  • Fluoride content: ≤25 ppm
  • Halogen content: ≤100 ppm
  • Oxidation rate in air at 670°C (1238°F): <5%/hour
  • Corrosion inhibitor: Yes

Pure graphite rings by us are in use all over the country, protecting people and the environment from problematic media (liquids and gases). Whether infinite, divided or bias-cut: we produce graphite rings in a huge range of sizes. The outside diameters are between three and 1,150 mm; the height is totally variable. Our pure graphite products are available in a variety of typical ringshapes.

Typical applications of our technology include bonnet gaskets, sometimes referred to as Brettschneider rings. They are provided with inclined surfaces specified by the customer on the inner or outer diameter, and they withstand pressures of up to 700 bar. Our spherical exhaust gaskets are reinforced with a wire mesh and are used by many automobile manufacturers.

We modify graphite rings upon request, for example by flanging, which enhances the tightness and stability of the seal. Any inner diameter is possible here, since we offer welded and unwelded eyelets. Do you need seals with stainless steel caps or inserts, impregnated (such as PTFE or copper paste) or special graphite foils. From loose wire mesh to (virtually impenetrable) stainless steel foil: We’ll help you configure the product to perfectly meet your requirements!

In addition to graphite rings we also offer graphite tapes for universal sealing applications. The foils are smooth or textured and optionally self-adhesive. Our graphite tapes are also often used in combination with cam-profile gaskets (and spiral-wound gaskets) for especially exacting requirements, for example in the petrochemical industry.