Asbestos Webbing Tape Manufacturer

Asbestos Webbing Tape are fireproof, flexible tapes woven from 100% pure asbestos “Yarn” that will not unravel in service. We offer a wide range of asbestos webbing tape that are manufactured using woven around asbestos yarn that does not loosen while service. These yarns are made using technically advanced materials in order to match the compliance with international quality standards.

Synonyms of product

  • Asbestos Tape
  • Insulating Asbestos Tape
  • Industrial Asbestos Tape

Asbestos Webbing Tape Description

Asbestos cloth tapes with good quality resilient heat proofing are available in the continuous roll form as well as folded coil form. Asbestos cloth and tapes, due to good flow characteristics are excellent sealing materials particularly where the flange surfaces are not machined and uniform. Asbestos tapes goods are expected to yield under minor pressures to conform to uneven and rough surfaces to offer a perfect seal. Further, the Asbestos tapes goods used under high temperature conditions allow compound to resist and provide a hard joint for efficient sealing and insulation purpose.

Further, these Asbestos Webbing Tape has excellent electrical and heat insulating properties and high tensile strength. Also, they are durable and economical, high in water repellence, low in water absorption, resistant to flame, heat, oil, fungus and mould, non-corrosive to cables, non-sagging and abrasive resistant.

Product wise application search strings

Asbestos Webbing Tape are used for insulating wires, coils, cables and other electrical conductors. Further, these form flexible connecting couplings where high temperature services are involved; and as wicking in oil-burning apparatus.

Technical Specification

Size (Thickness) : 25 mm to 75 mm of thickness 3 mm & 6 mm respectively.

Size MM Grades Packing Details Temp C
25 x 3 Semi 10 Kg 300
--- Commercial 10 Kg 200
38 x 3 Semi 10 Kg 300
--- Commercial 10 Kg 200
50 x 3 Semi 10 Kg 300
--- Commercial 10 Kg 200
75 x 3 Semi 10 Kg 300
--- Commercial 10 Kg 200