Jain Mill Stores

Jain Mill Stores was established in the year 1995 as a Proprietorship firm at Secunderabad, Telangana, India. We are Authorised Dealers/ Channel Partners of “CHAMPION”. We are amongst best recognized Manufacturers of CAF/AF Gaskets, PTFE Envelope Gaskets, Spiral Wound Gaskets. Stockists & distributor of Jointing Sheets, PTFE Products, Asbestos Products, Ceramic Products. Our customers favor us in addition to different organizations owing to our office of customization and point by point thoughtfulness regarding customers’ requests.



Graphite Rings

Due to its special physical properties graphite is perfectly suited for seals in fittings, pumps and exhaust systems, for example. High temperatures and/or aggressive media pose no problems for graphite rings and/or pure graphite rings supplied by Jain mill stores.

PTFE Gasket

Jain Mill Store Manufactures, Supplier ,Distributes and Exports PTFE gasket for industrial applications. We are specialized in custom PTFE Gaskets that are manufactured to meet the specific requirements

Kammprofile Gasket

Gaskets when placed between two irregular surfaces on machine parts help to prevent leakages. Kammprofile gaskets, also known as Grooved Gaskets, are widely used as industrial sealants that contain a serrated metal core covered by a soft material such as graphite or PTFE, with or without a ring.

Asbestos Tape

Asbestos Webbing Tape are fireproof, flexible tapes woven from 100% pure asbestos “Yarn” that will not unravel in service. We offer a wide range of asbestos webbing tape that are manufactured using woven around asbestos yarn that does not loosen while service.


Asbestos is commonly known as the “Miracle Mineral” during the last century for a very good reason, there is truly no other raw material exhibit such a large number of empiric characteristics.

Asbestos Cloth

It is made of asbestos wires by means of vertical and horizontal knitting. It is a insulation material used in heat-preservation of pipes. In addition, it can also be made into gloves, working garments and rubber liner materials.

Jain Mill Stores The Seal of Trust.

Jain Mill Stores was commenced in 1995 and have over 24 years of experience in the Manufacturing of Pre Cut Gaskets (CAF/AF), Spiral Wound Gaskets, PTFE Envelope Gaskets and Industrial Seals as per custom requirements of Industry.




We at Jain Mill Stores manufacture Spiral Wound gaskets under Brand name “JAINCO”. Our JAINCO Spiral Wound gaskets are available in a variety of models to suit the particular flange facing and can be utilized on the flanges.

Teflon Tape

Jain Mill Store has a team of experts and Professionals who will guide to and Help you to choose your best Suitable Teflon Tape. Most of our Satisfies customers come to us for this unmatchable Experience.

Teflon Gasket

Teflon is completely insoluble and has very high inherent of purity and can be manufactured with no contamination It cannot be affected by lubricants, hydraulic fluids and atmospheric conditions.It is completely chemical resistant.